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Patrick McMullan Company is a full service photography and digital imaging agency established in the 1980's by Patrick McMullan. The company photographs over 50 events each week, many of which are PMC exclusives, and services images to the leading national and international publications. In addition to current events, PMC has an extensive archive, searchable by date, name and event, starting in 1980 combined PMC is a visual Who's Who that is an invaluable resource to the media and the individual.

Patrick McMullan Company
321 W. 14th St. #B
New York, NY 10014

Telephone: 646.638.2000
Booking Fax: 646.638.2223
Research Fax: 646.638.2224

Company Contact Information

Patrick McMullan

Studio Manager:
Eddie Cruz  Email

Executive Assistant to Patrick McMullan:
Bobby DeBois Email

Executive Business Development:
Anita Antonini  Email

Sharon Shalinski  Email

Jimi Celeste
Clint Spaulding
Nicholas Hunt
Shaun Mader
Amber De Vos
Owen Hoffman
Paul Bruinooge
Jonathan Ziegler
Eugene Mim
Adriel Reboh
Ilir Bajraktari
Sylvain Gaboury
Jonathan Grassi
Ronald Riqueros
Chance Yeh
Scott Morgan

Bookings Agents:
Eric Alger, Director  Email
Leann Jarvis  Email

Research & Sales:
Ava Grumberg, Director Email

Website Administrator:
Candi McCarthy Email

Candice McCarthy, Director Email
Maggie Wagner Email
Erik Puotinen Email

Scott Morgan, Director   Email

PMc LA Office:
Heath McRae Email

Los Angeles Photographers:
Andreas Branch
David Crotty
Nina Prommer
Christina Edwards
Alona Forysthe

Nick Lovato