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Happy B-Day Noel Ashman - Thursday, 7/1/2010 7:28 PM

Noel Ashman celebrated his birthday last night at Lucky Strike with a number of celebrities and athletes there to welcome in his next year.  Noel's story is one of almost every club owner in New York, their ups are as plentiful as their downs, but in the end, God was it a good time. His first venture was hot spot Veruka which was a regular hangout for a number of actors Sean Penn, Affleck and many of the New York Yankees (Jeter comes to mind). The club eventually went the way of the buffalo and he was then involved in the new Studio 54, NA and Plumm. So many clubs and still so young. Here's to you Noel. Cheers!

Noel Ashman, Michael Strahan

Noel Ashman, Michael Strahan, Chris Collins

Carrie Schwartz, Jove

Carrie Schwartz

Liam McMullan, Michael Strahan