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THE GAVALANTE LAUNCH PARTY - Wednesday, 12/8/2010 2:28 PM

On Tuesday, December 7th, was THE GAVALANTE LAUNCH PARTY.  Galavante is a new travel website for the Working Jet Set Traveler, providing targeted recommendations on where to stay, eat, see, drink and of course galavante on your business or leisure trip.  The Galavante Launch Party, hosted by Baycrest Partners, a NY-based brokerage firm, was attended by over 150 guests from the top banks, private equity funds, fashion, media and luxury goods industries. 

Galavante is unique because their recommendations come from actual Working Jet Set professionals.  Galavante's founders all have worked in Private Equity, Asset Management, Law and Consumer Luxury Goods, so know exactly what readers are looking for.  Galavante's founder, Christine Drinan, started the company because in her time as a busy professional at The Blackstone Group, she could not find a reliable resource for travelers in the working jet set.  With limited time off work, she wanted to know what the best a city had to offer for two days of travel.  Until Galavante, no such resource quite met her needs.

Justin Mcgrory, David Drinan, Christine Drinan, Joe Mathai, Anup Menon, Dave Weiner