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NEW YORK SPACES and SAVOIR BEDS Present New Bed Designs by Matthew Patrick Smyth, Carl D'Aquino and Helen Amy Murray - Friday, 10/14/2011 11:21 AM

The large in-store sign read "Savoir Beds since 1905". The Soho showroom, which sits on the corner of Wooster and Grand, has been open since 2010. The cost of bedding at Savoir Beds? Prohibitively expensive. The feeling one gets while reclining on said bedding--PRICELESS.

Patrick Michael Smyth, Alistair Hughes and Carl D' Aquino

A select number of guests were invited to the New York Spaces and Savoir Beds, New Bed Designs by Matthew Patrick Smyth, Carl D'Aquino, and Helen Amy Murray on Tuesday, Ocotber 11th. Not only were the world's finest beds for the world's finest hotels accessible, but so were the evening's sponsor and featured designers, Editor-in-Chief of "New York Spaces Magazine", Jason Kontos, along with Savoir Beds President Alistair Hughes. Also present were Interior Designers Matthew Patrick Smyth and Carl D'Aquino.

Originating from the legendary Savoy Hotel in London, Savoir Beds boasts quite a history. We learned that each bed is 'custom made', meaning everything, from the box spring to the mattress to the mattress pad,and even the frames, are custom. The inside of each mattress is luxuriously filled with horse hair and, with no expense being spared,pricing ranges from $8,000 to $55,000 dollars.

Tatiana Platt and Charles Askegard

Most Impressive? The #1 bed (yes, the predecessor to the #2, #3, and #4 beds). This luxury gem is found in the Royal Suite of the Savoy. It carries the retail price of $55,000 for both bottom mattress and topper. The Savoy's Royal Suite, which utilizes the #1 bed,is said to be upwards of £10,000 per night, with a 3 night minimum stay...should you dare to book. According to Bedding Expert James Rovello, who manages the Savoir Beds showroom, the bed itself is made of cashmere,that is Mongolian Sheep neck hair.

Notable attendees included Liliana Cavendish, Designer Maggie Norris, Tatiana Platt, as well as among others.