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THE BEST OF THE BEST in 2011 - Tuesday, 1/3/2012 3:18 PM


At the annual NYC Food and wine festival festival housed in a huge tent fronting the Hudson River, delectable food and alcohol tastings prepared by the country's best chefs make this 4-day event a must for gastronomic adventurers and, most importantly, the Food Network benefits. Save the dates, Oct. 11-14, 2012 so you won't miss the often sold-out culinary offerings.


Flew south to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ArtBasel Miami along with some 50,000 collectors, art lovers and world travelers, whose art awareness is less than zero, but their need to socialize knows no bounds.

In- between visits to endless galleries and a dozen satellite fairs offering works in every style, quality and price range, I managed to attend "Interview" Magazine's screening of Warhol's "San Diego Surf", a never-before-seen film at a V.I.P.cocktail party. The crowd of internationals, including the Warhol Museum's Eric Shiner, the ever- charming Tim Hunt and the ubiquitous Anthony Haden-Guest, exchanged the latest gossip, while Warhol-wigged young men and women flitted around the Standard Hotel's gorgeous pool. Erwin Wurm's "Beauty of Business" reception at the Bass Museum was highlighted by huge theatrical sculptures, such as a light-hearted "Drinking Sculpture" (visitors could actually drink the spirits located in each work). Marco Glaviano's gorgeous black and white photos of "Jazz & Models" was held at Nest Casa, a Euro-design boutique. There was Jennifer Rubell's quirky installation of a yoghurt -dispensing "lab" and a box that dripped honey. In addition were heavenly outdoor brunches, hosted by Architectural Digest magazine (manicures included) at the Raleigh, one of my favorite classics (although Andre Balazs no longer helms the hotel). Last, but not least, the excitement of viewing the oversized and outre. among the more tried-and-true, in maze-like galleries at the gargantuan Miami Beach Convention Center.

Tim Hunt and Stacy Engman at Edwin Wurm's solo V.I.P. opening at the Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FL, photo by Rose Hartman


Clearly the high point of the year was gifting my archives to F.I.T's prestigious special collections and exhibiting 60 images in "Incomparable Women of Style:35 Years". The images included Bianca Jagger on a White Horse Celebrating her Birthday, Jerry Hall Gossiping with Andy Warhol at Studio 54, a veiled Daphne Guinness... shot weeks ago, and much more.

I greeted 300 guests, including Alva Chin, Marc Bouwer, Gemma Kahng (who designed a striking silk-taffeta evening jacket and flowing trousers), philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, Anna Yanofsky (the tireless, brilliant curator of my F.I.T. show), performance artist Colette, and an exuberant group of Studio 54 habituees who posed for Patrick McMullan.

After a high-spirited opening, we continued partying at DUO Restaurant bar, re-energized by truffle-dotted pizza and endless vodka.

Catch my show at F.I.T., W. 27th St./7th Ave. through Jan. 20, 2012. It's free.

Daphne Guinness, photo by Rose Hartman

Anna Wintour, photo by Rose Hartman

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