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MY FAVORITE MARCH ART EVENTS - Wednesday, 4/11/2012 2:33 PM

I joined a group of illustrious art collectors, dealers and aficionados at the Art Show VIP gala, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America, at the Park Avenue Armory. The Art Show looked especially elegant this year, because of its carefully-chosen range, from 19th and 20th century masterpieces, to cutting- edge art works. Metro Pictures showed Cindy Sherman's handcut black and white collages (featuring Sherman playing 13 different Hollywood-style characters), a striking counterpoint to her enormous color prints on view at MOMA.

Armed with energy bars, attired in strong walking shoes, I attended the VIP opening at the Armory Show (Contemporary & Modern), on cavernous Pier 92 and 94. To really appreciate this mammoth fair,several visits are recommended. In between chatting with international dealers, there's always the champagne bar for a quick sugar fix. Collectors at each of these fairs support the Henry Street Settlement(AADA) and MOMA (the Armory Show).

Creative Time hosted quite an original benefit in the far west village that is still being talked about. After placing a heart monitor on his subject's finger, internationally-renowned artist Sasaki recorded each subject's heartbeats with an airbrush-producing a truly personal work of art.

I've always looked forward to visiting AIPAD (the Association of International Photography Dealers) at the Park Ave. Armory. I was especially moved by Bert Stern's "Marilyn Monroe: From the Last Sitting,1962", at the Staley-Wise gallery, and Lucien Clergue's ,"Andree in NY, 1987", at Throckmorton Fine Art, among 75 outstanding galleries exhibiting museum-quality work.

Throckmorton Gallery's co-owner, Kraige Block, in his booth at AIPAD

Photos by Rose Hartman