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ROBIN COFER Hosts A Summer Bash at STITCH The Custom Chic Boutique of ROSE DIOS Stitch Store - Wednesday, 7/18/2012 11:21 AM


Stitch Southampton, located in Southampton Village, provides expert tailoring, custom clothing, plus shoe and designer bag repair, it also provided one of the sweetest summer parties of the weekend on Saturday, July 7th.

Social Robin Coffer, best known for her commitment to animals and their related causes, her love of dance and her ownership of the so-hot-you-had-to-know-someone-to-get-in nightclub Sway, hosted a Summer Bash that combined good friends and good fashion. Co-Hosts of the event included Pamela Johananoff, Michelle Rella, Laura Niklas, Liliana Cavendish, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Alisa Rover, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Leesa Rowland, Joe Alexander, Lisa Simonsen-Phillips, R. Couri Hay, and Liz Derringer.

Katlean de Monchy, Sharon Sager, Rose Dios and Robin Cofer

Within 2 hours, Rose Dios' Stitch store quickly filled up with those eager to view the latest summer items--mainly light-weight dresses and handbags, while staying cool via cocktails and light bites courtesy of Season Southampton. Zoe Bullock provided healthy treats. Singer Julian Pascual performed with serenade-like charm.

On hand to confer with guests was Celeste Jones, a Palm Beach-based etiquette coach and author of "Munchkin Manners on Table Setting". Jones offered children the opportunity to sew their own napkins, and learn table manners and table skills for interested parents.

Elise Slane, Rose Dios, Cassandra Seidenfeld-Lyster and Lynne White

Noteworthy guests included former news anchor Lynne White, Jean Shafiroff, Cassandra Seidenfeld-Lyster, Bob Lyster, Bruce Michael, Clif De Raita, Lisa Simonsen-Phillips and Peggie Walker.

Sales from the event will benefit Temple of Kriya Yoga.