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Kitchit & Boconcept host birthday dinner for Geoffrey Bradfield and Shaokao Cheng - Wednesday, 10/3/2012 8:28 PM

Geoffrey Bradfield, Sharon Bush and Liliana Cavendish

The affair also celebrated the birthday of BoConcept owner Shaokao Cheng, who supplied the venue for the evening. "Intimate" and "in grand style", best describes a very special birthday soiree held on Tuesday evening September 25th, for internationally acclaimed Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield, at the Chelsea location of Bo Concept. A riveting cocktail hour, that included a specialty gin drink along with select red and whites, quelled the small crowd of Bradfield's personal friends. Pre-dinner photos were snapped by Patrick McMullan, followed by guests sitting down to a formal dinner. All were surrounded by several of Bradfield's own African inspired black and white tapestries.

Geoffrey Bradfield's African inspired tapestries

Kitchit New York, home of Bespoke dining, the provided world-class fare. A delicate three course dinner, courtesy of Kitchit's Chef Kevin Lasko, consisted of chicory, heirloom grapes, and Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese salad, an artisinal Rigatoncini Parmesan with crispy kale and black truffle and there was a chocolate cube for dessert. It was a unique culinary experience that left guests spellbound.

Though always in good spirits, Bradfield was particularly pleased with the turn-out. When he wasn't stolen away for brief conversations with Socialite/Journalist Debbie Bancroft, he was frolicking with Liliana Cavendish or speaking with young aspiring artists like Richard Gabriele. The elite and varied crowd included: Alan Rish, Michael Musto, Debbie Bancroft, Sharon Bush, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Frederick Anderson, June Haynes, Douglas Hannant, Niki and Shaokao Cheng, Tony Leong, and many more.

All departed with a copy of one of Bradfield's prized books, either "Ex Arte" or "A 21st Century Palace" or BoConcept's recent book "Sixty".

Special thanks should go to Niki and Shaokao Cheng for the generous use of their stunning venue.