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AREA 1983-1987 - Wednesday, 11/6/2013 8:07 PM

Look no further. New York’s hottest new exhibit is AREA: The Exhibition, a full gallery installation featured at The Hole recapturing the nightclub that defined New York’s 1980s exotica nightlife, AREA, to celebrate the launch of Jennifer Goode and Eric Goode’s comprehensive new book: AREA 1983-1987. It has EVERYTHING, living portraits, naked human doll dancers, invisible sculptures, bondage victims in the floor, a faux bodega, bathroom sink bar, soap vodka shots, a money box, topless dominatrices, The Factory room, a faux functional bathroom, and that thing where live Andy Warhols stand as window dressings. The palpable exhibit makes our current club culture feel as exciting as a Kansas state cornfield.

The scene was a veritable reunion for many of those among AREA’s close-knit community, including Calvin Klein, Chuck Close, Jennifer Goode, AREA’s original owners Eric Goode, Shawn Hausman, and Darius Azari, Glenn O’Brien, Serge Becker, Steven Saban, Jeffery Dietich, Susanne Bartsch, and our very own, Patrick McMullan. Everyone in attendance lost themselves both reminiscing and envisioning AREA’s irreverent pulse within its reprised, and most infamous, themes and performance pieces. Alongside the installations where photos, rarely seen memorabilia, lost ephemera, and art, both from and inspired by the era, from artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Herring, Chuck Close and Francesco Clemente. The night ended in true AREA fashion with a surreal party at The Bowery Hotel where guests dined on faux cocaine and pills in the midst of riské performance pieces and music spun by many of AREA’s original DJs.