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FRIGO Exclusive Pop-Up Shop Launch - Monday, 11/25/2013 4:32 PM

It was a wild, sexy party in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District for the FRIGO Exclusive Pop-Up Shop Launch, where RevolutionWear unveiled to New York their new, state-of-the-art, supportive Frigo underwear... and many celebs in attendance seen getting a personal impromptu demonstration of the yet-to-be-released Google Glass.

The evening began with an unsettlingly calm air; rumors being whispered about the room, trickling down from store staff to the event staff about which A-listers were coming – stemming from the conspicuous red carpet laid in front. Then seemingly as soon as the final glass was set a frenzy took over the red velveted entrance. It was star after star, rolling up in their black cars, getting ushered through the paparazzi, gawkers, fans, guests barking their name for entry and everyone else hugging the ropes into a white-wash of flashing cameras. And just as soon as one finished, the next arrived. There were actresses, musicians, DJs, models, personalities, and sports legend after sports legend after sports legend. Notables included Kelly Bensimon, Tyson Beckford, Frigo campaign model Caroline Winberg, Indonesian Pop Star Agnez Mo, DJ Cassidy, Erin Cummings, Daryl Strawberry, Chris Chelios, Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala. But the biggest excitement arrived last: Yankee and all around New York demi-god, Derek Jeter (accompanied by his lovely sister, Sharlee), who stuck around the longest, speaking with press, signing autographs and posing for fan pictures with nearly everyone on the carpet. The commotion was so engrossing no one cared to notice the ever-so gallant NYPD pulling over a couple young guys in their Ferrari right in front of the carpet!

Once everyone made their way inside, they found themselves with two floors of options. The main store – which housed Frigo campaign photographer Andreas Kock and Soles4souls’ charity photo auction – had a spacious, unique experience designed by HGTV stars Cortney and Bob Novogratz (who brought his whole Von Trapp-like clan along with), with faux deer heads fixed to the wall in an otherwise clean and modern decor. Though as spacious as the area was, there was little elbow room as guests were seen checking out the fashionable underwear, fêting in DJ Cassidy’s talents. Then the second (secret) room in the basement was a proverbial man cave, with billiards, foosball, authentic 80s arcade boxes and all the liquor you could drink. Once word spread, the small room turned from a cozy little enclave into a hot, steamy, sexy little center of attraction.

Among all the celebrations and beautiful people, everyone kept one eye on a young man casually walking about wearing the elusively seen yet highly anticipated Google Glasses; and he was kind enough to allow a lucky few in attendance with the courage to ask a quick peek, including Derek Jeter who looked in with awe as it was demonstrated to him.

Then just when the party seemed to be dying down, it found a second wind with Timbaland seemingly manifesting on the carpet. At this point everyone forgot responsibility and kept up right where they left off; chatting and flirting and all around enjoying the moment. In the end, the party went two hours past its advertised time and everyone left with a free pair of Frigos – and a mountain’s worth of bragging material for Twitter and Instagram.

The store, located on 402 w. 13th st, is open to the public through Nov. 26th.

-Written by Matthew Leeb