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ArtNet 25th Anniversary Party - Friday, 12/13/2013 7:17 PM

Fresh off the tarmac from Miami’ Art Basel, many of New York’s groundbreaking Artists, Collectors, Impresarios, Dealers and Gallery Owners and Employees kept the energy going, lofted high above downtown New York in The Standard Hotel’s infamous Le Bain nightclub for ArtNet’s 25th Anniversary Kick-Off and Holiday Party.

Three weeks shy of its 25th anniversary, ArtNet has grown into the world’s leading online source for researching, buying and selling fine art online – basically the art aficionado’s eBay – and have just launched the ArtNet Interview Series, with many of the artists interviewed present for the festivity. Seen among the room were internationally renowned artists Kehinde Wiley, Kim Soo-Ja, Andres Serrano, Irina Movmyga Serrano, Wangechi Mutu, Marcia Grostein and Wang Quin Song.

Le Bain had to clean up its infamous act for the evening, dressed in its best suit and tie and minding its manners; though many of those in the room kept tempo with Le Bain’s natural tastes, dressing themselves in unique sartorial flare – Kehinde Wiley himself wearing a bird-printed tailored white suit with a sharp red lining adorned by faces of his many models. With that energy, it didn’t take long until the disco ball started spinning and Le Bain’s natural essence inspired the party to take on a more devil-may-care spirit, with everyone, both young and seasoned, flirting about the room and dancing deep into the night hours.

It was the After-Art-Basel-Party to attend, where all those who missed might find their art slightly deprecated in value come the AM…

-Written by Matthew Leeb

Yeah, it was fun... Go see more art at
-- By Jonathan on 1/24/2014 2:23:51 PM