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The Daily Front Row's celebration of their first Model Issue - Saturday, 2/8/2014 3:31 PM

There wasn’t a sore eye in the room as a who’s who of top models beautified Midtown for The Daily Front Row’s Celebration of their First Model Issue. It was the party of the hour everyone had to be at – and be photographed at – and those who were lucky enough to be present were privileged with a groundbreaking announcement from the popular publication.

The in-demand invitees descended upon the elegant and trendy Harlow restaurant and bar, being captured first by the always desired lens of our Patrick McMullan – whom earlier went to task offering his keen event design sense, rearranging the room into its perfect feng shui. The red carpet was naturally the next step and with an endless list of flawless, photogenic faces, the paparazzi and their strobing flashes transformed the room into a rave-like experience. Gracing the carpet and crowd were the gorgeous Jessica Hart, Crystal Renn, Lydia Hearst, Julie Henderson, Teresa Moore, Elena Foley, Selita Ebanks, Sara Sampaio, Arlenis Sosa, Shanina Shaik, Emanuela de Paula, Nigel Barker, Scott Lipps, Lily Lane, Kweku Mandela, Bekah Jenkins, Cory Bond, Morgan O’Connor, Fern Mallis, Ivan Bart, Chris Gay, June Ambrose, Marjorie Gubelmann and George Wayne.

The packed room made wise use of the full bar as everyone mixed about to inch in a word, or photo, with this season’s hottest young women and men gilding the room. The consummate connector he is, Patrick McMullan, proudly paraded longtime family friend and current Polo campaign boy, Morgan O’Connor, around the room; introducing his young chiseled friend to star and tastemakers alike. Be sure to be on the lookout for this rising young face!

With the party in full swing, TDFR’s President and Publisher, Paul Turcotte, and TV Personality/photographer, Nigel Barker, took the moment to announce their groundbreaking new project. Commencing this fall, in connection with the NYFW S/S 2015, TDFR is setting stone for the first-ever, and long overdue, Model Hall of Fame, honoring models from yore to now for their revolutionary and iconic work. Who’s to be among the first named? little hint was given – though I’m sure everyone shares the same select names in mind.

The evening winded down with many enjoying their last sips, photo-ops and flirtations around the Hasselblad sponsored social media photo booth, where Patrick himself took the rare opportunity to be in front of the lens, even playfully posing with a bounty of beautiful boys. TDFR’s celebration had nary a dull moment; but words can only say so much because really, it was a front-row-only kind of night...