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Hillary Clinton Award Dinner - Monday, 3/24/2014 4:31 PM

“As we walk the road ahead there’s one thing to never doubt, and that’s America’s support and friendship to Israel,” said the former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in closing as she accepted the American Jewish Congress’s Stephen S. Wise Award for Lifetime Achievement. Never one to hint too soon at what we all want to know, but tonight the support of the American Jewish Congress she surely gained.

In front of dinner audience decorated with ambassadors, dignitaries and political leaders from around the globe, the Honorable Mrs. Clinton spoke at length about her, and President Obama’s, focused and nuanced talks with Iran in preventing its nuclear aspirations. The other key topic at hand was her solidifying support and efforts towards the creation of a free and peaceful Israel and Palestine nation, gaining unanimous applause from the honored guests.

After a rousing performance from Israeli born singer and self-proclaimed peace ambassador, Liel Kolet, Good Wife star, Julianna Margulies, AJC President, Jack Rosen, and former Council of Former Relations consultant, Nazee Moinian, spoke of both their admiration and deep respect for Mrs. Clinton, with Mrs. Margulies introducing and presenting Mrs. Clinton with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Other honorees of this prestigious award have included Robert F Kennedy and President Truman. The American Jewish Congress was founded in 1918 and through its prominent voice in Washington, helps maintain the civil liberties and rights of all Americans as well as continuing efforts in fighting against Middle Eastern pressures intended on destabilizing Israel.