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Leila Heller Gallery LOOK AT ME Private Preview and Dinner - Wednesday, 5/7/2014 10:50 PM

Six floors of modern art from 170 legendary artists, focused in the heart of Midtown’s posh 57th street. That’s what Leila Heller Gallery’s newest location unveiled last night, attracting an exclusive selection of New York’s art elite.

Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody and Paul Morris, Leila Heller Gallery’s LOOK AT ME: Portraiture from Manet to the Present exhibits works by the most celebrated artists of the past three centuries: Manet, Matisse, Picasso, Man Ray, Warhol, Haring, de Kooning, Renoir, and Degas… to name a few. Found even on display was a print from our Patrick McMullan.

With art of such regard, the typical wonder of ‘If these walls could talk’ comes to mind; but tonight, the walls in fact did, with many a subject peppered among us guests. Lorne Michaels was snapped alongside the Jonathan Becker photo from his early SNLs day; Sigourney Weaver popping in alongside her Firooz Zahedi print collage; Bob Colacello sighted with his portrait by Martin Saar; and Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield dinning a plates-throw from his inspired Julian Schnabel piece.

Patrick himself had an amusing connection to a piece; spinning his yarn of redemption, by luck, to the most suiting guest. Standing beside Warhol’s Portrait of Joseph Beuys, Patrick recollected to acclaimed historian Roger Mandle that when working for Warhol, he had lost that exact negative of Joseph Beuys, much to Andy’s incensement, only to find it a year later, which Andy then immortalized. Mr. Mandle, tickled by the tale, proceeded to thank Patrick for finding the negative, disclosing he is the proud owner of that very print! A charmed portrait to say the least.

Located at 43 w 57th st, Leila Heller Gallery’s LOOK AT ME opens to the public May 6th and continues through the summer until August 29th, and is undeniably one to put on the ‘to-see’ list.