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Benign Detachment

By Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Sunday, 1/11/2009 1:07 PM

In my research for the Patrick McMullan Institute of Sociological Studies, I am exposed to the most celebrated soirees and exclusive events on the planet. Having already served way too much of my time in VIP Rooms, my reaction at this point is, at best, an existential Kim Novak detachment. This was not the case when I heard that Liza (and I don’t mean Todd) was making a comeback - or at least a step-up from the disco bat mitzvahs she’s had to play lately – at Broadway’s legendary Palace Theatre.

What made this a must to even my jaded psyche was Cindy Adam’s Post reportage that this Palace gig would include a tribute to Liza’s godmother Kay Thompson, who, among many other things, played the fashion editor Maggie Prescott in Stanley Donen’s film musical masterpiece “Funny Face”. When I initially saw ... Read More

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