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By Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Wednesday, 12/21/2005 12:00 AM

"Beauregard, you have to pay closer attention to what I'm telling you; people will think I'm giving you the wrong information. If you have a question and can't ask me, then look it up on the internet." Suggested the patient Ms. Miles, after I placed the Hotel Diplomat (site of 70's nightlife mecca Le Jardin) at 8th Avenue, instead of its actual location at 6th Avenue and 43rd Street, in my last blog.

Google-ing "Le Jardin", I discovered an incredible site - - that juicily identifies every seminal Manhattan nightlife establishment over the last 40 years; from "The Cock Ring" to "Studio 54." I learned that Le Jardin, which was in both the basement and the penthouse of the Hotel Diplomat, was originally called L'Oubliette, Gloria Gaynor was crowned  "Queen of Disco" there on March 3, 1975, and Abbie Hoffman was busted for cocaine at the ... Read More

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