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BoConcept SmartCar Breakfast

By Tia Walker
Monday, 4/15/2013 9:13 PM


It all began at about 8:30AM on Thursday morning at the Madison Avenue location of BoConcept, NYC-- a BoConcept SmartCar Breakfast, celebrating a new design collaboration. it was a lovely breakfast, the spread supplied by acclaimed Danish restaurant Aamanns-Copenhagen. Michael Schaller, Head of Marketing Communications and Brand Management for Smart Car, and Claus Ditlev Jensen, Collection and Visuals Director for BoConcept, presented the inspiration behind the design collaboration to journalists and interior designers at the standing-room-only event.

Claus Ditlev Jensen and Michael Schaller

Highlights of the morning included: breakfast and networking, a short slideshow presentation by Claus Jensen and Michael Schaller elaborating on the current BoConcept and SmartCar collaboration inspiration and post-demo discussion on the new items developed by BoConcept and the SmartCar on premise.

Niki Cheng and Shaokao Cheng

The post-demonstration discussion provided an opportunity ... Read More

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