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By Lady Bunny
Wednesday, 5/18/2005 12:00 AM

Lady Bunny here.

You threatened North Korea Monday if they didn't dismantle their nuclear program. OK honey, let me break it down for you, cuz you're an imbecile and for some reason, a drag queen seems to have a better grasp of the situation
than of the any military analysts working for you.

How the fuck is your broke, ignorant ass going to threaten anybody?

If you have the resources for another war, why not direct them towards finding Osama Been Forgotten?

Remember him? He's the guy in poor health who's hiding in a cave, yet still more agile and cunning than your whole army and it's souped-up technology? His 9/11 attack was the reason we went to war with Iraq. Even though he's
not Iraqi and had no ties to Iraq's government.

But you did manage to find another muslim leader in a cave. He's been forgotten too. Remember Saddam? You ... Read More


By Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Thursday, 5/12/2005 12:00 AM

MAY 12, 2005

Since my last blog blubbering I have gone from living to kvetching about the tabloids to tabloid living, starting with a mention in my impossibly glamorous friend Cindy Adam's "New York Post" Column related to my appearance in Liliana Greenfield-Sanders' Tribeca Film Festival entry, "Ghosts of Grey Gardens." A documentary about the documentary "Grey Gardens", it's a delicious paean to one of my favorite designers (among other things), Edie Bouvier Beale. Thank god I was sober enough to remember her performance at Reno Sweeney's in the 1970's. Albert Maysles, who directed "Grey Gardens" with his late brother Alan, loves 24-year-old Liliana's homage so much he has commissioned her to re-edit all the unused footage from the original!

I love being in Cindy Adam's column. She has an astounding ability to combine a cacophony of names, Sweetie; names that impart surprising scoops and mounds of ... Read More

$35,000 CAB RIDE?

By Lady Bunny
Monday, 5/9/2005 12:00 AM

Sheesh! And I thought NYC was expensive! Though the ride from central Baghdad to the airport is only 6 miles long, it's so riddled with fatal booby traps that Iraqi cabbies can charge that much for the short trip, CNN recently reported. Wow. That's how safe "coalition" forces have made Iraq. American troops and Iraqis are still dying left and right, and recent findings by a presidential commission show the reason that they are there is "dead wrong." I guess with God on his side, the president need not take into account his own fucking commission's findings!

I grew up in the 70's, where a stock character on TV and film was the disgruntled Vietnam vet. Typically, the disillusioned, war-scarred vet has snapped, and is discovered to be the perpetrator of some hideous crime. Was no one else watching these shows? Did it not register with any ... Read More

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