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By Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Tuesday, 6/7/2005 12:00 AM

June 7, 2005

My fact checker, Mrs. Fatatateeta Crabapple, returned from one of her all too brief absences to have an attack over my sloppy spelling and muddled continuity, reminding me that in my last blog I drew a Sebastian Blanc over Isca Greenfield-Sanders, re-christened David Maysles "Alan", and god help Renee Zellweger-Chesney-Paisley-Winston!*

Tata also patiently reminded me that Ms. Miles (who luckily doesn't read blogs) was squired around by Mr. Dallesandro, among others, during her "Heat" period. In any case she could have only been any of her dates' mother in a trailer park in Alabama, and I'm certain Sylvia was born on the Lower East Side.

Promising to never mix my "Cowboy" and "Heat" periods again, I move on to the pile of tabloids that has grown since my gallivanting. What a dismal pile it is. The prices keep going up as ... Read More

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