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By Lady Bunny
Friday, 7/15/2005 12:00 AM

My mom phoned me to ask if any of my friends had been hurt by the London
bombings. I told her not to worry, that my drunk-ass friends there get
bombed regularly. But seriously folks, I told her I hadn't really called
around hunting for tragedy. The death toll wasn't that high and I assume I'd
hear about any bad news should there be any. Now I'm a southern drag queen
who loves her momma and I know that she was genuinely concerned about my
many English friends. But there is a tendency to wallow in tragedy. There is
certainly nothing wrong with expressing shock and horror over it, mourning
the dead and memorializing them. It's only fitting.

I live near St. Vincent's Hospital where many of the 9/11 victims were
taken. On a nearby fence, commemorative tiles have been hung by the families
of the dead/wounded and well-wishers. ... Read More


By Beauregard Houston-Montgomery
Thursday, 7/14/2005 12:00 AM

 JULY 2005

As I am too busy making up facts to check them, it took Ms. Miles to remind me that 70's disco Le Jardin is not in fact now Supper Club, but was located nearby at a now demolished hotel on 43rd Street near 8th Avenue. Geography never being my strong point, Sylvia also patiently pointed out that she was born in Greenwich Village, and not the Lower East Side. I can say definitely that she used to write a terrific column for the now legendary SoHo News, and how great would it be to read her memoirs, not to mention her own social history of Manhattan which I could use as a reference guide!

One would be in trouble using either of the tabloids I'm left with reading for any kind of reference guide. The Examiner remains the most dimensional and entertaining, because my favorite ... Read More

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