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"Wrestler" scribe opens "Big Fan"

By Melissa Berkelhammer
Thursday, 8/27/2009 11:08 AM

Post-Premiere party at HeadQuarters

"Just watch the damn thing!" was how writer-director Robert D. Siegel introduced Big Fan, his latest big screen effort (and directorial debut) about a self professed "world's biggest Giants fan" named Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt) whose life takes an unexpected turn upon a chance encounter with the team's star quarterback. In a strip club called HeadQuarters.

And really, what more of an introduction do you need from the screenwriter of The Wrestler? The likes of director Amy Heckerling, comedian Todd Barry, NHL Stanley Cup winner Jim Dowd, former Giants players Howard Cross, Superbowl MVP OJ Anderson, and "The Touchdown Maker" Stephen Baker packed the theatre to capacity, eager to watch this budding auteur's latest ode to misfits, loneliness, and alienation.

And the result did not disappoint. Like Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, Big Fan is an intimate character study more than anything else, filtered through what I ... Read More

Fencing Takes Over the Fashion Runway, Capitol Hill and More!!!

By Tim Morehouse
Thursday, 8/13/2009 12:26 PM

About to blow out the candles at my birthday bash...thanks to Leigh-Taylor Smith, Scott Buccheit, Jason Rogers and Jourdan Lawlor for hosting! (and to everyone for coming!)

First, thanks for all the birthday greetings and to everyone who came out for my birthday party!

Second, there was an interesting article in the NY Times this Sunday about Nacho Figueras. He's a Polo player trying to popularize his sport across the world. He seems to be everywhere these days playing Polo and doing interviews. It's interesting to see another athlete on a similar quest to share his sport with the world. He's made a ton of great strides and he's certainly making a lot of people notice Polo for the first time! Worth checking him out.(He does have a slight advantage over us with a big PR Company and Ralph Lauren pushing him!), but we're doing pretty ... Read More

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