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By Anita Sarko
Monday, 10/2/2006 12:28 PM

Well…didn’t Fashion Week end in a bang? No sooner did the last tall-drink-of-water stomp down the runway than the city announced that Bryant Park would be unavailable to the CFDA for the next batch of shows in February. Unless some brilliant mind finds a way for The Tents and the skating rink to co-exist in the same space, HOMELESS might be THE Look for Winter 2007. And, as far as the name of the bi-yearly event, it could be that Seventh on 6th will go the way of Bleecker Bob’s (which eventually resided on W. 4th Street).

Nevertheless, if The Tramp becomes all the rage next season, that IS in keeping with fashion’s pattern of going for the opposite from what was dictated the season before. "I wonder what he’ll show?" Peter Davis asked Mickey Boardman and myself as he plopped into place just before the lights went down at Kai ... Read More

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